Pizza Party!

“T.G.I.F!!!” What’s better than celebrating a Friday night with free pizza?! FREE PIZZA AND FREE MOVIE SCREENING!!!

Last Friday night (11th March 2016), a group of hungry BES students gathered in s16 04-30 for free pizza, movies, games and of course… good company 🙂

But first… let’s EATTTT
Pizza nom noms
Let’s take a moment of silence for these glorious pizzas


The majority of the people chose “Something funny” as their choice of movie genre and most people voted for ….

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Who would turn down a Zombie movie and A LOT of British humor for a Friday night movie, right?

Though.. i might add that some people probably found it more scary than funny.

We ended the night with some games!!! (which elicited some hilarious responses)

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Thank you all for turning up for this event! We hoped that we have fed you well and satisfied your pizza cravings! 🙂 ‘Til next time!

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