Share & Care Session 2


Want to learn more about what others in BES are doing to help others and serve nature? Or are you just keen to find out how to join in the fun stuff people from our course seem to love throwing themselves into?

Then pop by for BES Share and Care, the talk series held by BES peeps for BES peeps!

This time, the session will be held on Friday, 16th October, at S16-0433 from 10am to 12pm. Our theme for this session will be on Helping Green Causes: Citizen Science and Citizen Action, where seniors share on how working with green groups, doing fieldwork for researchers and volunteering during their free time can spice up your life!

Once again, admission is ABSOLUTELY FREE
If you have any questions about the session, or topics that you wish to hear on, feel free to SMS / email / FB message me or, but otherwise, hope to see you there!!!

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