Presentation by Barbara Wohlfarth on Thursday, Jan 16, at noon

Talk title: Tropical wetlands – sensitive archives for reconstructing Asian summer monsoon variability

About the speaker: Barbara Wohlfarth is professor in Quaternary Geology at the Department of Geological Sciences, Stockholm University, Sweden. Her current research is focused on past shifts in Asian summer monsoon intensity using lake sedimentary records from Thailand. Additional research interests include Asian monsoon variability and its impacts on the terrestrial system, paleaoclimate variability in Europe, and the use of proxies as indicators of past climate. More info about her is available here. She is currently on a short visit to universities in Hong Kong and Singapore, together with a delegation from Stockholm University. Professor Wohlfarth will be visiting FASS Geography Dept and Environment Research Cluster on 16 Jan 2014 to give an introduction to her current research agenda in Asia. 

The talk will be at 12 noon, in the Executive Seminar Room in AS07, Level 1 Room 07, Faculty of Social Sciences, on 5 Arts Link, 117570.

This talk is open to the NUS community. Light refreshments will be provided.

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