Using Blogs to Practice Grammar Editing Skills

by Christopher Harwood
Centre for English Language Communication
National University of Singapore

This paper reports on the pedagogic reasons for using blogs as a learning aid and how blogging was integrated into a curriculum at the National University of Singapore to support the learning of grammar editing skills of music students. To begin, the idea that blogging encourages learner autonomy by facilitating the practice and negotiation of meaning of ‘comprehensible output’ (Swain, 1995) is discussed. Next, the integration of blogging into the curriculum is considered and rationale given for the various pedagogic and administrative decisions that were made. Finally, the positive findings from a student attitudinal survey about blogging are discussed and a brief document analysis of the students’ blog posts in the course is given.

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Bridging Seasons: Teaching Manuel Arguilla’s Midsummer and Anton Chekhov’s Misery

by Devi Benedicte’ I. Paez
Loyola Schools
Ateneo de Manila University, Philippines

How can a student of literature in English at a Philippine university be assisted in gaining an understanding of seemingly remote concepts such as the winter described in Chekhov’s Misery? This paper reviews a methodology for doing exactly that.  It illustrates how, for example, by first introducing a Filipino short story in English such as Manuel Arguilla’s Midsummer, the teacher can provide for a more emboldened and engaged discussion on seasons as metaphors for feelings. The paper also aims to show that accommodating Philippine literature in English in a literature course that has previously focused on western texts may lead students toward the shared and purposeful responsibility of constructing familiar meanings amidst the diversities found in “foreign” literatures.

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