NUS CELC 5th Symposium Proceedings


Integration of ICT in English Classrooms in Iran: Affordances and Problems

by Soroor Ashtarian
Razi University

Abstract; Full Paper(PDF)

Exploring the Issue of Exclusion through Reading English Picture Storybooks

by Hsiang-Ni Lee
National Taitung University

Abstract; Full paper (PDF)

Cultural Pigeonholes in English Language Teaching Materials

by Dat Bao
Monash University

Abstract; Full paper (PDF)

Fostering L2 Voices with Literature: Pedagogical Insights

by Won Kim
University of British Columbia

Abstract; Full paper (PDF)

The Top 20 Free Online ESOL Resource Websites

by Ransom Gladwin
Valdosta State University

Abstract; Full paper (PDF)

Varying Classroom Input to Cater for Different Learning Styles: A Case Study

by Gareth Morgan
King Faisal Academy

Abstract; Full paper (PDF)