Advocating World Englishes: An Interview with Dr. Mario Saraceni

by Flora Debora Floris
Petra Christian University, Indonesia

Mario Saraceni graduated from the University of Chieti (Italy) and was awarded an MA and a PhD from the University of Nottingham (UK).  He is currently a principal lecturer and a course leader for BEd TESL and BA (Hons) English Language programs at the School of Languages and Area Studies of Portsmouth University (UK). Before coming to Portsmouth, Mario taught MA-ELT students (including me!) at Assumption University (Thailand). Mario says that teaching is one of his passions and that he has always wanted to be a teacher. He further says, “I consider myself lucky to be able to make a living out of a passion.”

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2 thoughts on “Advocating World Englishes: An Interview with Dr. Mario Saraceni

  1. Following this line of logic, French need have nothing to do with France, nor Spanish with Spain. These ‘world languages’ can indeed be learnt and mastered without ever visiting Europe or meeting a single French or Spanish person. But to suggest that educators teach these languages without any concern or interest is disingenuous and most uninformative.

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