Accelerated Learning In and Out of the Reading Classroom

by Yang Ying, National University of Singapore
and Jiang Jingyi, South China University of Technology

The “accelerated learning approach” focuses on the promotion of learning success through fully engaging learners in the learning process and encouraging them to become more self-directed learners. Helping learners see their learning objectives, encouraging multi-sensory learning, involving learners in active exploration of what they learn and encouraging learners to show what they have learned and reflect on their learning processes are some of the tenets of this approach. This paper describes four types of reading activities designed on the basis of the principles of the “accelerated learning approach.”

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One thought on “Accelerated Learning In and Out of the Reading Classroom

  1. This is an excellent article. Each activity is a strategy that I have used, but I now see how the activities fit together. Thank you for sharing your ideas.

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