Giving Learners a Voice in Correction and Feedback

by Peter Watkins
University of Portsmouth, United Kingdom

This paper reports on one attempt to give learners a greater degree of control of the correction and feedback they receive on their own language production. It begins by establishing the usefulness of correction but argues that a broader conceptualisation of feedback on learner production is required. This conceptualisation moves the teacher’s role away from being judgmental and towards being supportive and collaborative and from this more equal relationship between learner and teacher comes a greater voice for learners in shaping the feedback they receive. A simple, small-scale experiment is described and the results suggest that it may be possible to train learners to be able to ask questions about their own and other’s output and in so doing, shape the feedback they receive.

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2 thoughts on “Giving Learners a Voice in Correction and Feedback

  1. Very interesting research. It is very enlightening to realize that rather wide definition and use of the concept of feedback, which I think is widely misused within our educational system

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