Encouraging Proofreading and Revision

by Hayo Reinders
Middlesex University, United Kingdom

Recent years have seen a lot of interest in learner autonomy. Although many teachers can see the value of encouraging in learners more awareness of the learning process and the ability to make decisions about their learning without the help of a teacher, it is not always immediately clear how to do this. In this practical article, one activity is presented that could be used as part of a classroom language course or implemented in a self-access centre as a way to encourage students to take charge over the academic writing process. By being given the tools to monitor and assess their own work, students are being helped to become independent writers, and in this way, being given greater opportunities for more success in their academic careers.

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One thought on “Encouraging Proofreading and Revision

  1. Hi,

    Thanks for making a post on proofreading. I’m a lecturer/tutor of English language from National University of Singapore (NUS), and have taught undergraduates academic English writing and proofread postgraduate student theses so I am well aware of the issues that university students face in their academic writing, particularly in core language aspects such as fluency, cohesion, grammar, vocabulary, and style.

    There is a need for students and educators in all disciplines to be aware of the importance of writing well in an academic environment, because communication is an integral part of an academic’s professional life – in conferences and publications. It also affects the impression one makes on people inside and outside one’s own field of specialisation. Thankfully, the tools for students to acquire the skills to proofread their own work by themselves are more easily available now than ever before. Online corpus search engines like http://corpus.byu.edu allow students to perform searches for specific combinations of words and word classes to determine if any expression represents common and acceptable use. Self-proofreading is now easier than ever before.

    However, while technology has certainly expedited the process of language learning, it cannot fix all writing problems. Therefore, I decided to operate a blog so that needy students (from NUS or anywhere) can contact me if they require help proofreading their work. Please visit my site at: http://thesis-proofread.blogspot.com/

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