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English Language Teaching World Online: Voices from the Classroom (ELTWO) is an open access, refereed e-journal published by the Centre for English Language Communication, National University of Singapore. It aims to provide a forum for ELT and English language communication skills practitioners to share and discuss issues concerning teaching methodologies, curriculum and syllabus design, assessment, materials development, and other areas of interest in the ELT and communication skills classroom.

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Latest Articles (2016)


ELTWO: Special Issue on 5th CELC Symposium Proceedings



Integration of ICT in English Classrooms in Iran: Affordances and Problems

by Soroor Ashtarian
Razi University

Abstract; Full Paper(PDF)


Exploring the Issue of Exclusion through Reading English Picture Storybooks

by Hsiang-Ni Lee
National Taitung University

Abstract; Full paper (PDF)

Cultural Pigeonholes in English Language Teaching Materials

by Dat Bao
Monash University

Abstract; Full paper (PDF)

Fostering L2 Voices with Literature: Pedagogical Insights

by Won Kim
University of British Columbia

Abstract; Full paper (PDF)

The Top 20 Free Online ESOL Resource Websites

by Ransom Gladwin
Valdosta State University

Abstract; Full paper (PDF)


CELC Symposium 2016 Proceedings
“Strengthening Connnectivities in ELT: Pedagogies, disciplines, cultures”

For those who missed the CELC Symposium 2016, you will be able to read the symposium proceedings here.