English Language Teaching World Online (ELTWO) is an open access, refereed e-journal published by the Centre for English Language Communication, National University of Singapore. It aims to provide a forum for ELT and English language communication skills practitioners to share and discuss issues concerning teaching methodologies, curriculum and syllabus design, assessment, materials development, and other areas of interest in the ELT and communication skills classroom.

ELTWO is updated regularly and welcomes the submission of original manuscripts related to the teaching and learning of English and communication skills throughout the world.

The library registration number for ELTWO is ISSN 1793-8732.

ELTWO is listed under the Directory of Open Access Journals (DOAJ).

Work in Progress: we are updating
The ELTWO website will be getting a new look soon. Until then, we apologise for the clutter!

Section Descriptions & General Submission Guidelines
The Features section publishes research-based articles that address concerns in the ELT and communication skills classroom on a wide variety of topics. Areas of interest include but are not limited to successful teaching practice, syllabus and materials design, a progressive means of assessment, and  approaches to teacher training.

Articles should

  • be research-based;
  • demonstrate a link between relevant theory and practice in the field;
  • be approximately 7000 words.

The Innovations section publishes articles that describe innovative and effective classroom activities, teaching practices, approaches to curriculum design, means of assessment, and teaching and learning platforms within a specific teaching/learning context. All of these should have relevance to practitioners working in a variety of educational settings.

Articles should

  • identify the type of course, describe the level of learners, and identify their learning needs;
  • explain the steps or the procedure involved in implementing the innovative activity, strategy, approach, test or platform;
  • reflect an awareness of current theory and practice in the field;
  • be approximately 5000 words.

The ELT Forum section publishes opinion pieces on controversial or contentious matters  on any aspect of ELT. These issues can include English language grammar, vocabulary and usage, teaching pedagogy, classroom management, testing, etc. The piece should not exceed 3000 words.

The Media Reviews section publishes reviews on media resources relevant to ELT practitioners and students. These resources include websites, software programmes, audio-visual materials, and books.

Reviews should

  • provide an overview of the resource;
  • provide details of the resource;
  • reflect an awareness of current theory and practice in the field which is related to the resource;
  • (preferably) include related screen shots, images, illustrations or links that exemplify their relevance to/pedagogical implications  for the ELT classroom;
  • indicate clearly with examples some strengths and weaknesses of the resource;
  • be approximately 1500 words.

The ELT Lives section publishes biographical sketches of people in  the ELT field whose experience, ideas and/or professional contributions are noteworthy. Each article for this section is based on an interview process that seeks not only to gather descriptive information about a particular person but also to challenge that person’s guiding principles and assumptions and to present the discussion in a prose and/or video format. If you have an interest in conducting an interview of such a person and presenting an article for ELT Lives, please contact us at elcwjo@nus.edu.sg with a brief proposal. Articles should be approximately 1500 words.


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