Medical Illustrations: Learn how to draw in powerpoint!

If you are interested in creating some diagrams to illustrate a point, you’ll be surprised to know that powerpoint is a pretty good programme for drawing!

The above pictures are drawn in Microsoft Powerpoint, using nothing but a mouse. Most of the pictures are created by Dr Anthony Foo (hand and orthopaedic surgeon).

Powerpoint provides a  good range of functionality in terms of shading of individual shapes, thereby allowing quite a realistic product.

It does help if you have some artistic inclination and enjoy drawing to begin with!

This short video shows some of the steps in creating your own powerpoint drawing.

How to create a 3D effect for your shape by using “inner shadow” under “effects”.



And, for full instructions on Drawing in Powerpoint from our Hands-on workshop in April 2019, click on the picture below to open the Powerpoint presentation. This is in ppt format, so you can directly try your hand!

Note: You will require a mouse for this.