e10alpha (Herve, Siu Chung, Junlin, Jingyi, Michael)

Herve, Siu Chung, Junlin, Jingyi, Michael

English language competence is a significant aspect of an engineering student’s academic life and prospective career.

English language has commonly been used as international language, that is, it is widely used for communication. Imagine a Chinese is talking with an European who doesn’t know Chinese language. From a Chinese translated saying  “chicken talks with duck”, where chicken uses its own language to communicate with duck, this seems impossible.  We cannot deny that English language carries a high importance degree in our life. As an Engineering student, I agree that English language competence is an important aspect in our academic life and prospective career. One reason is that English language is part of the important tools in academic life. The other reason is that we are able to communicate with people in community.

First of all, English is a tool that significantly affect engineering students in academic life. While most of the theories in engineering are taught in English language, student are required to have a level of proficiency in English language. In National University of Singapore, students are required to take Qualifying English Test to assess their proficiency of English language. To a certain level where students are not able to pass, there is a necessity for them to go for extra English module to brush up their English. Such measurements are carried out to ensure the students are able to write, listen, and converse with proficient English in future.

Secondly, after we step out of our academic life and enter into real life to work, the most important thing is to socialize with people around. As socialize requires communication, this is where we put English language in use. Engineers are working in a team. Without proper communication, they will never be able to create the world today. Through conversation in English language, we are able to communicate with other in a big community. An engineering student’s require competence in his English language in order to succeed in his prospect career.

All in all, English language competence is proved to be a significant aspect of an engineering student’s academic life and prospect career. Without English language, people will be speaking different languages which are hard for natives and foreigners to understand.


  1. Hi, Junlin !

    I like the example of “chicken talks with duck” you have given in this article. It is interesting and meaningful at the same time, indicating the importance of a common language in communication. As the most widely used language, English plays the role of media most of the time for the communication of people with different native languages.

    I agree that English significantly affects engineering students in academic life. For students like us, the engineering curricula are taught in English. Thus a good capability of mastering English is crucial. However, in other places, those courses are given in other languages, mostly the native languages. Thus, for native students, English seems to be not so important in understanding the lectures. But English still matters. Since most of the engineering theorems originated in western countries, it is better to read the original illustrations and explanations in English. Therefore, an engineer has to mater English.

    I agree that engineering designs are completed by a group of people; therefore, communication is vital in the process of create new things. For an engineer, English competence is vital if he wants to achieve high level in the career.

  2. Hi Jun Lin,
    You have completed all the four Portfolio tasks and written five comments. Good work! All the best for the exams, and keep striving to improve your English!

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