Logging off: The Take Home Message

Before I end off the blog series on electronics, I really want my audience to understand the problems of our electronic consumption patterns and able to see that we can and must tackle this problem from different approaches beside recycling alone. I’m sure some of you out there may have noticed a critical detail I … [Read more…]

Why 6% will not be a big problem

We know that Singapore is a leading e-waste generator in Asia and we also know that the rate of e-waste generation would not slow down anytime soon. Yet, data in 2018 says that only 6% of e-waste is recycled, lagging behind Sweden’s 51.6% (try clicking on this link to learn how Singapore can learn from … [Read more…]

Why we need saving from E-waste and how we can do so

Why we need saving from E-waste Occupational Hazard The earlier post discussed on the valuable metals in electronic waste and we have not really sat down and talked about its hazardous components.  Most electronics use primarily hazardous compounds such as mercury lamps in LCD screens, PVC, flame retardants, and other toxic additives in plastic components (Oberhaus, … [Read more…]

E-waste recycling: Exploitation

We know how recycling e-waste helps to reuse metals, reduce waste, alleviate environmental stress and social impacts from mining. But why do some good things have to come to an end? 1. Copper thieves: stealing copper wires On a regular morning in July 2011, it was a hot blazing afternoon, you tried turning on the air condition … [Read more…]

E-waste recycling: A controversy- Part 1

  Blood Minerals. Blood in our mobile. Doesn’t any of these terms scare you? Well, it certainly did for me. A lot of our electronics require raw and precious metals such as 4 minerals (3TG): Tungsten, Tantalum, Tin, and Gold. While we do know that most of these metals sourced for the making of the electronics in our … [Read more…]

So Much E-waste

In 2015, the International Telecommunication Union has reported a staggering production of  781 million phones and an estimated 877 million more by 2020. The electronic industry is continuously expanding at a rapid rate with new and innovative inventions that bring us convenience and enhanced efficiency and yet here comes the darker side of the story.   In … [Read more…]