Sustainable soaping (1)

Hi Friends! As I look for more ways to make my own lifestyle more sustainable, I decided to look into something we use very commonly  (I hope!) — the body soap. I have been using The Body Shop’s liquid soaps for quite some time, as they claim to be made from sustainable sources. I was thinking if there is such a thing as “more sustainable soap”? If so, what kinds of soap should we be looking at? Continue reading Sustainable soaping (1)

Cooling off without the melting

Hi friends,

Global warming is becoming worse with each passing day and yet, people are still doing so much to contribute to the ever increasing temperatures. This is further exacerbated by the burning of fossil fuels in order to meet our constant demand for energy and electricity. As people scamper back into their homes to find relief  from the heat in the soothing, cool breeze of the air-conditioners, they inevitably contribute to a portion of global warming. Continue reading Cooling off without the melting

Make the Change

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