Computational Lens Group

What are computational lenses?

Fast detectors and computers have enabled us to create computational versions of physical lenses. These computational lenses are capable of imaging very small objects in noisy and challenging situations, often beyond the designed capabilities of their physical counterparts.

Our group pushes the boundaries of such computational lenses by “training” them to be aware of statistical optics and physics.

We know that human visual perception is part-eye part-cognition. Analogously, the we can teach computational lenses to advance us from “looking” towards “seeing” nanoscale phenomena.

For more information, see our highlights page.

About Duane


  • Duane is currently an assistant professor in the departments of Physics (link) and Biological Sciences at the National University of Singapore (NUS).
  • He is also an investigator at the Centre for Bio-imaging Sciences (link) at NUS.
  • Duane appears in scientific publications as Ne-Te Duane Loh (Family name underlined), abbreviated as “N.D. Loh”.
  • However, if you are writing Duane a check (yay!), use his official name: Ne-Te Loh, which is a translation of his Chinese name 罗珥志.
  • Click here to download Duane’s CV.