Research interests

Computational Lenses for X-ray imaging

  • Coherent diffractive imaging.
  • Iterative phase retrieval with noisy and incomplete diffraction patterns.
  • Unsupervised clustering techniques for very large diffraction datasets.
  • Resolving structural heterogeneity from serial imaging of disordered ensembles.
  • Three-Dimensional Serial Femtosecond Imaging for x-ray free-electron lasers.
  • Limits and feasibility of 3D serial femtosecond imaging.
  • Ptychography.

Computational Lenses for Electron microscopy

  • 3D pop-out metrology from Transmission Electron Microscopy.
  • Robust drift correction.
  • 4DSTEM.
  • Single particle analyses for cryo-electron microscopy
  • Phase retrieval for electron microscopy.
  • Performant simulators for STEM, and TEM.

Order-disorder Transitions

  • Glass transitions in supercooled systems.
  • Transient states in multi-step nucleation.
  • Spinodal decomposition.
  • Identifying universal rigidity parameters in unsupervised search problems.

Data Science and Machine Learning

  • Robust network inference of hidden transmission routes of infectious diseases.
  • Decoding structural complexity in polypeptides.
  • Explainable unsupervised learning.
  • Computer vision.


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