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Author: Leontine Alkema


RStudio is add-on software for R that gives it an improved (more user-friendly) interface and some very useful additional features (e.g. color coding of code, options to manipulate graphs with the Manipulate package), definitely worth trying out for anyone relatively new to R as well as routine users!

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significant jelly beans

Research assistant to work on urbanization

Prof. Gavin Jones (at the Asia Research Institute) and myself are starting a research project on urbanization.

One of our goals is to develop methodology for estimating and projecting urbanization and city growth, in collaboration with the United Nations Population Division in New York.

We are looking for a research assistant with training in statistics and an interest in demography to work with us on this project, starting this summer.

If you’re interested, send me an email ( for more information.

Optimizing Your Spouse

In case you ever wondered:
“If a man/woman can expect to meet exactly N eligible partners in his/her life, what strategy should he/she use to maximize his chances of choosing the very best one?”
Here’s your answer:

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