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Month: April 2011


RStudio is add-on software for R that gives it an improved (more user-friendly) interface and some very useful additional features (e.g. color coding of code, options to manipulate graphs with the Manipulate package), definitely worth trying out for anyone relatively new to R as well as routine users!

More info here:

Don’t bully the cat…

Saw this today. Now I know where we can get guinea pigs for our next study…




significant jelly beans

Class of 2011

It’s farewell to another cohort of graduands.  The statistics committee organised a group photograph—out under the blazing tropical sun.  What were they thinking?  Here are the photos, courtesy of Hu Fan.

Class of 2011, shot 1Class of 2011, shot 2

Fare ye well and haste ye back, graduands!

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