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The future of academic publishing?

Here is an interesting article from the beeb on how technology is changing higher education. The University of Texas in San Antonio is purportedly the first university in the world to have a book-free library…

For those who don’t know already, NUS libraries subscribe to a fairly large number of e-books that can be downloaded to your computer, ipad, kindle, or whatever it is young people use nowadays. It’s difficult to find them, but they are there.

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  1. Hi Alex

    Aaron from NUS Libraries here.

    Yes we are aware that ebooks are rising in popularity based on searches and hits on our sites. We are working with vendors to add more.

    Also the new library site that we will launch in 2011 should make it easer to find ebooks.

    For now you can try going direct to some of our ebook providers and search from there including Netlibrary and myilibrary

    How about searching across all ebooks owned by NUS Libraries?

    I’m told, there is currently no fool proof way to search all available ebooks yet, though we are working on it.

    For now you can try the following search “Electronic books” plus any other keywords in our library catalogue.|S%22electronic+books%22+bioinformatics|Orightresult|U1?lang=eng&suite=def

    It’s not fool proof yet though this covers close to 30k results.

    Do note that not all ebooks can be downloaded into all ebook readers due to differences in digital formats, though pdf ones are generally fine.

    Not sure if most libraries will ever go “book free” (book here means printed books right?) though. Many users still prefer print (though I myself have no problems with online reading)

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