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74% of Economist readers like maths

A debate over at the Economist, on the motion: promoting maths and sciences education is the best way to stimulate future innovation. On day 1 of the debate, 74% of voting readers supported the motion!

Personally, I’m opposed to the motion (or agnostic to it). There’s no evidence in favour of maths/sciences being the optimal way to stimulate innovation (how about engineering? is their bang bigger per buck?), although surely it’s a pretty good route to innovation.

Perhaps independently, the Times Higher Education has an article reporting a “statistical analysis” by Prof Whiteley of Essex (a political scientist) suggesting that investing in science is associated with only a correlation of 11% with economic growth. The analysis has, however, been rubbished by many commentators at THE.

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  1. But maybe they like arts and literature too? They forgot to put in a control there.

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