The Beeb report that China has developed the world’s second fastest supercomputer. (Partial compensation for getting beaten by Singapore’s paddlers, I suppose.) What makes this worth writing about on a stats blog?  Well, the Beeb also provide data on the top 100 supercomputers, and let you play around with them (data, not computers) via a “treemap”.  Here’s an example:

treemapHmm… not sure what I think of these treemaps.  The neat thing is, you can hover your mouse over it and get info about that particular supercomputer.  But this hardly seems worthwhile for any of the 50-odd computers in the US, say, except maybe the biggest few, so this feature doesn’t seem to add value.  Would a barchart not be a bit easier to visualise?

Anyway, those who know my computing habits will realise I was delighted by clicking on the “by operating system” option: linux linux linux linux … linux windows.