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Are there other ways to make sure profits at the casino?

We know the doubling-strategy in any martingale-game produces sure profits – if only one had unlimited resources at hand. It seems there are other ways – although I don’t quite understand the exact procedure. Here’s an article from StraitsTimes (shortened) with the details:

“THREE foreigners were charged on Monday with cheating the Resorts World Sentosa of $13,400. […] [They] are said to have placed $3,600 worth of chips on a winning bet in a game of roulette after the result had been declared at the casino, to deceive the dealer into believing that they had won $7,200. […] [One of the foreigners] is also accused of trying to cheat a dealer into giving him chips valued at $15,700 […] by placing chips worth $400 and $100 on a winning number and between number 19 and 22 respectively after the result had been declared. […]”


Important to notice: this strategy is not a previsible process – no wonder it works! (the proof of that is left to the reader).


  1. Q: Are there other ways to make sure profits at the casino?
    A: Set up your own casino.

    (Something weird: Word press wouldn’t let me type the word casino in a comment! But it did let me type “casine” and then edit it afterwards.)

  2. I agree with prof alex. But i remembered watching a movie on HBO, 21. A group of MIT students with a professor leading them went to win loads of money from different casinos in Vegas be counting cards. Does it really work? If yes, how does it work?

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