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Hi all,

This is a belated post from me and it’s not easy for me to write a post – I’m just not used to doing that. 😀 Although I do follow your articles! 🙂

Truth to be told, @vocadoes planned to write a post each on the revenue models of various startups/companies/applications like Yugene’s. Since that week has passed and we’ve just concluded our final session yesterday, I thought it’ll be great to share my learning journey….

When I first stepped into class on day 1 (after waiting foolishly for half an hour with about 15 new faces wondering whether we were in the wrong room or whether prof was late..) I was kinda scared. Especially when I’m in a room filled with so many talented people (you guys are awesome) who KNOW their stuff!

Somehow, along the way (with help my very nice groupmates who had to put up with me, my questions and blank looks) I’d unknowingly taken the very first baby steps. Although I’m still trying to get a grasp on business models. 😀 It’s very different from the traditional forms of businesses.

What I enjoyed most were the case studies done in class about the various business models, how ideas evolve and the presentations yesterday. Through our project on a business idea, I’d come to really appreciate the amount of effort and time it takes to come up with something workable, how people really are the best assets of any company – most ideas I believe began with our team mate’s skills.

We’ve learnt a lot from meeting with Anuj too. One key takeaway for me was that having a team leader is quite important to whether a project is good or mediocre. One of the first questions he asked us was our roles and that question was repeated yesterday. And so now @vocadoes does have an official CEO, we’re going ahead with our idea. 🙂 What did you learn from Anuj and is everyone going to work on your proposals?

Now with only the business plan to submit, let’s put Nic’s effort to good use and keep in touch with each other. 🙂 Outing/dinner after exams anyone? @vocadoes will be having one!

Thanks Prof for taking me into this class. It’s a steep learning curve, but I enjoyed it.




One thought on “On the road…

  1. I guess the feeling of inadequacy when you realized that there are many ambitious and talented people around you really helps you grow.

    As part of the learning process, if you are around with good people, you will find yourself improve much faster. And you brought in class your own unique perspective too! There are always something to learn from one another as no one knows everything.

    I hope after being inspired, we can use these skills that we learn in class to our advantage in the future career 🙂

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