How to Create an Enchanting Pitch

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Heres an article that I came across while browsing, that tells newbies how to pitch their ideas to venture capitalists and investors. Although it is this guy's opinion I found it pretty enchanting and the sample powerpoint that he has attached to go with the article is pretty smooth.


His main appeal to us is to ‘get real’ with our facts and figures and give the audience what they want to hear other than to quote from annual reports which although true and relevant are not interesting enough.(yeah, I ve done it too)


He also goes to say how when you are so pertinent in proving that there is absolutely no competetion to your idea, it mostly translates to the VC that you are venturing into a sterile market environment.I found these(and some of his other recommendations quite counter intuitive and interesting. )


Overall, a very informative article and a great read…:)


2 thoughts on “How to Create an Enchanting Pitch

    • Great presentation, thanks for sharing! But I would think in a pitch the situation is slightly different, you have only so much time. Humour is a tool but you have to wield it carefully – what’d you think?

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