Instruction for downloading and installing ROlogit package:

Step 1: Start Rstudio

To install Rstudio and R see: 

Step 2: Install the ROlogit package via RStudio menu

  • Goto Tools > Install Packages… to open the dialogue box.

  • Type “ROlogit” under “Packages (separate multiple with spaces or command):”
  • Click “Install” button.

  • You will get the following output in the R console after a successful installation:

Step 3: An example on how to perform the stratified analysis as proposed in the paper

The R function that performs the stratified analysis is called rologit. Type the following command into the R console to get more information on how to use it:


For an example to perform the stratified analysis, type the following commands into the R console:

inpat_bg$group <- paste(inpat_bg$age_group, inpat_bg$sex, inpat_bg$los_group,inpat_bg$bg_freq_group, sep = "|")
obj <- rologit(yvar = "bg_mean", evar = "ward", svar = "group",dat = inpat_bg, initial.res.par = c(2, 2))