From the war between QQ and 360

As my last blog mentioned, it come out to be a frame-up that 360 Company pointed QQ for Cyber Espionage in Sep, but this was not the settlement, but just a beginning.
The war started here. When the public was struck in a panic and concerned about their privacy security after the invention of 360 privacy protector, 360 company soon designed (which is thought premeditated) another software named Koukou BaoBiao(QQ Guard) intended to take charge of QQ IM software, namely to blocks off the advertisement of QQ, speed up QQ, shut off some automatic service such as QQ music, QQ Show and so on. These advertisement and services are the main way to earn profits from its users for Tencent. Of course, Tencent Company was unhappy about this so-called QQ Guard and here comes the highlight of this war!
On 3 Nov, QQ pops out a window to all the users, announcing that they have made a very difficult decision: in case QQ users’ desktop become the campaign field between 360 and Tencent, QQ will automatically stop running on computers installed with 360’s software. This announcement soon became the hottest topic and almost everyone on Internet was talking about it. This is in China because up to 70% of computers are installed with both 360 and QQ. Soon afterwards, other big companies involved in to help compromise or to get a share from the chaos. The complaints from the public were so unbearable that authority had to take action to involve it, and finally these two companies reached a compromise that QQ will live with 360 unless 360 withdraw QQ Guard software. Until then did the war come to a gentle stop, but no one can predict whether it is an ending or just the silence before another war breaking out.
From all this, it is difficult to definitely distinguish the two companies from the bad or good. Each company reacts to this commercial event for the sake of his own benefit, no matter how just or rightful it might appear to be. The motive of this event is hidden deeply and there are various implications from the public. For instance, because of the cooperating relationship between 360 and Microsoft, it is guessed that this entire event is a conspiracy to trap QQ so as to benefit MSN. This sounds reasonable as the moment QQ claimed to be incompatible with 360, a large number of QQ users got annoyed and signed up MSN, saying that they can still communicate without QQ. On the contrary, 360 claims highly that what it did is all for justice, for the security of personal computer. Since it is impossible to mention all history about these two companies, what I will talk about in the following is the reaction and influence to the public.
Not everyone is graduated from Information System, nor take the Module IS1103. So the majority is not quite aware of the commercial or technological aspects, nor can they tell the truth of this event. Therefore people conceive the event by their own benefits and at some degree, by intuition or their own preference. As we can see, the first time when QQ was suspected of cyber spying, the majority supported 360 and felt disappointed to QQ. Other Internet Companies take this opportunity to get a share or as a revenge. Then when it is found to be a frame-up some become hesitated and did not know who to believe.
Subsequently when QQ pops out windows, claiming incompatibility with 360, the public got angry and felt that QQ was actually threaten the users that if you want to use QQ, then there is no way for you to install 360’s software. This is really controversial and raised a lot of comments from both unknown and IS experts. Here the public got annoyed.
“It’s ridiculous! Have you ever heard that Maldonado refuse to sell food to those who has eaten KFC? Have you heard that iphone will shut down automatically if it found any Nokia mobile phone nearby?” Some joked in the format of QQ’s announcement: “The Water Supply General Company has made a difficult decision: in case the users’ house become the water pool with electricity, Water Company refuse to supply water to those who uses electricity from State Electric Power Corporation.”
Some experts stood out, stating that it was the absence of the law that made such a war happening. To some extent the action of QQ is illegal because it violates the rights of consumers to choose.
Latter, when it is said that the motive of 360 might be to bring profits to MSN, the public start to again hesitate and realize both the two companies are not worthy of trust. But it is argued that each of the two companies hired writers to write for their own benefits.
Now reflecting on the whole event, 360 benefits while QQ suffers by losing trust and support from the public. This is mainly because 360 managed to take advantage of public opinions and meet the need of users successfully. From the beginning, 360 claims to be pass justice, and latter, it actively put out QQ guard in the name of protecting computer security. On the contrary, QQ is the underdog and react passively. At first, when it is suspicious of committing cyber spying, it did not counter or explain quickly confidently but appear to be guilty. (Maybe it is really guilty. Who knows?) Then for the QQ guard, when QQ’s benefit was at stake, Tencent Company did not think about the users’ benefits at first place. Instead it violated the users’ rights for its own benefit by disability of compatibility. This is the main reason why it lost the war. To consider the users’ benefit at first place is the lesson to learn.
Well, despite the losses for each company, this war has positive influence on the public and the whole internet environment in China. The status of Tencent is being doubted. Although it is still the largest company, there is no way for it to make a monopoly and no way to violate the rights of user. In addition, as a result of the involvement of authority, the law is on the way to be carried out so that it would be clearer about what is illegal and the environment of ICT will be more harmonious.

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