(Fake) anti-virus applications!

Funnily enough, at the same time I was thinking about a topic for my next (last) blog post something popped up on my laptop screen. It looked like a very sophisticated and reliable anti-virus application that says that particular programs on my computer were infected with worms. Before I could even react to the message, dozens of error messages started to pop-up continuously, stopping me from doing anything else. I tried to end the program using Task Manager but was unsuccessful in doing so. I, then, used another computer to research about it.

“Security Tool” is in fact a FAKE anti-virus application that keeps your computer hostage until you pay them an amount of money. It keeps throwing you messages to prevent you from doing anything to remove it. It also disables Task Manager. And the worst is that it blocks you from running malware removal tools.

SecurityToolI was really worried that my computer was infected just before exams and immediately looked out for help on forums. Almost all of them advice you to download and run SUPERAntiSpyware and Malwarebytes scan after making the virus sleep for a while suing different techniques. However, none of them worked for me. Every time I restarted my computer, Security Tool gets created automatically.

Following my friend’s advice I did a much simpleer task to get rid of it – I just deleted the Security Tool executable file and it seems to have done the job, at least for now. Malwares such as Security Tool is another way cyber criminals use to collect money from victims.

Therefore, before trusting any such applications (they might look sophisticated, trustworthy) please carefully research about them first.

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