Banned? I can climb over it!

It is a globally acknowledged fact that Internet censorship in China is indeed strict to the extent that even some well-known and universally-recongnized social networking sites are forbidden, such as Facebook, Twitter and Youtube. Even in Baidu, the largest searching website in China, words related to so-called sensitive issues are banned in order to create a harmonious society.  What’s more, the government established the Golden Shield Project, often referred to as the Great Firewall of China (GFW),and began operations in 2003. This project is an initiative to monitor and control all the information that is supposedly “anti-government”.

However, as the Chinese proverb says “while the priest climbs a post, the devil climbs ten”., people in China still manage to access these banned websites by ‘climbing the wall’. What is ‘wall-climbing’? Well, wall-climbing is a metaphor for browsing blocked websites with the help of particular software. These software can change different proxy services and provide anonymous IP address in order to access the websites blocked in that area (e.g. Firefox autoproxy    add-on,tor, blackVPN,Freedur).

The Ultimate Proxy: Tor

But these softwares bring out not only ethical but also political issues. On one hand, with these software, some pornographic and violent websites are within reach to the public, and free accesses are provided to some illegal download. Anonymity provides convenience to Chinese citizens but also brings benefits to hackers. On the other hand, it becomes a hot topic when USA supported Falun Gong, an organization against Community party, to develop more such software because Chinese can bring profits to USA by browsing USA websites via these applications. This issue has led to a controversial relationship between China and America.

Having said all the above, if you are living in country with strict Internet censorship, will you mind ‘climbing walls’?

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