Conference talks at CSTalks

Today we have two talks:

1. Title:

Vignette: Interactive Texture Design and Manipulation with Freeform Gestures for Pen-and-Ink Illustration
Presenter: Mr Rubaiat Habib


Vignette is an interactive system  that facilitates texture creation in pen-and-ink  illustrations. Unlike existing systems, Vignette preserves illustrators’ workflow and style: users draw a fraction of a exture and use gestures to automatically fill regions with the texture. We currently support both  1D and 2D synthesis with stitching.  Our system also has interactive refinement and editing capabilities to rovide a higher level texture control, which helps artists achieve their desired vision. A user study with professional artists shows that Vignette makes the process of illustration more enjoyable and that first time users can create rich textures from scratch within minutes.



Exploring User Motivations for Eyes-free Interaction on Mobile Devices

Presenter: Yi Bo


While there is increasing interest in creating eyes-free interaction technologies, a solid analysis of why users need or desire eyes-free interaction has yet to be presented. To gain a better understanding of such user motivations, we conducted an exploratory study with four focus groups, and suggest a classification of motivations for eyes-free interaction under four categories (environmental,  social, device features, and personal). Exploring and analyzing these categories, we present early insights pointing to design implications for future eyes-free interactions.

See you all in SR9 at 4pm!

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