Explicit Semantic Analysis in Federated Search by guest speaker Matthias Wauer on 8 Dec


This week we have a special CSTalks on explicit semantic analysis in federated search, with a guest speaker from TU Dresden, Germany: Matthias Wauer. The talk is Thursday 8 Dec in SR9, 4pm.

Title: Integration and Relevance Assessment of Product Information Sources: Towards enhancing Federated Search with Semantics

Speaker: Dipl.-Medien-Inf. Matthias Wauer

Abstract: Product information is usually stored in a large number of different information systems, and can commonly be found in unstructured documents. Providing a comprehensive view and instant search functionality on that information is challenging, and even more so when the infrastructure changes dynamically.
The typical centralized search index struggles to provide the required flexibility. Distributed information retrieval methods can be applied, but existing approaches typically use limited models for executing federated search subtasks.
Based on a service-oriented architecture, this talk presents current research on a resource description and resource selection method, which uses only the domain ontology and the external information sources to build conceptual resource descriptors. The approach is based on Explicit Semantic Analysis. The talk will show how existing methods perform, and what the main issues of this approach are.

See you all on Thursday, at 4pm!

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