BehaviorBoxes: A new Parallel Paradigm Beyond OO on 12 Oct 11

This week we have a talk in the domain of software engineering and programming languages, in particular parallel programming languages.

Title: BehaviorBoxes: A new Parallel Paradigm Beyond OO

Speaker: Marcel Böhme

Abstract: Nowadays, we start with a sequential program and explicitly add parallelism. Indeterministic behavior introduces problems such as race conditions. Then, locks, mutexes, and monitors are complex attempts to tackle this indeterminism, introducing yet other problems, such as deadlocks or starvation. This is no minor nuisance! We will discuss BehaviorBoxes as a new programming paradigm that renders parallelism implicit. However, it is research in its infancy and still on an abstract level. I hope we can discuss your comments, ideas as well as critics and concerns.

See you all in SR9, 4pm.

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