Midterm Result Released

1. Here is the distribution of your midterm marks. The maximum marks given is 30 (out of 31). The average is 16. Note that the make-up midterm marks are not yet integrated (that explains the seven 0s).


2. You should be getting back your answer sheet this week during your tutorial. Please note the following regarding regrades.

  • Please check carefully to make sure there is no error in grading (including summing error and mark entering error)
  • Students receiving back the answer sheets this week has until the end of the week to submit the regrade request.
  • Please submit the regrade request to the TA, Mr. Saeid, during his office hours, or slip it under my office door with an accompanying note explaining your request.
  • Students who receive back the answer sheet after this week can only submit the regrade request “on-the-spot.”
  • Please take a look at the marking scheme to understand how we allocate marks, before you request for a regrade.

3. Your midterm mark has been imported into your IVLE gradebook for CS2105.

4. IMPORTANT notes on Q5.  We accept both A and C as correct answers.  Due to my negligence, C is not marked as the correct answer.  You, however, need not submit your answer sheet for regrade if you answered C for Q5 but did not receive 2 marks for that.  An additional 2 marks will be added to your midterm grade “digitally”.   In other words, you should see that your grade in the gradebook is 2 marks higher than what is noted on your answer sheet.  Please inform me if your answer for Q5 is C but you did not receive an additional 2 marks.

Midterm Review Questions

Here are the midterm review questions, selected from past CS2105 midterms and finals. No solution will be posted, but you are more than welcome to show the teaching staff your solution and discuss them with us, either online or during our office hours. I encourage you to discuss online as well, on the blog with your peers, and we will chip in when the discussion is heading in the wrong direction.