What to EXPECT?

In this blog, we are trying to explore ICT and society through examination of social networking sites (SNS). In particular, we will focus on RENREN.com, which is regarded as Facebook in China. In fact, Facebook has many manifestations worldwide as it is ‘localized’ in different countries and regions (see the picture below).

worldwide 'Facebook'

Among all these, we specially choose RENREN.com as it has incorporated almost everything of social networking, such as online shopping and gaming. In addition, China is a very special region in both this real world and the virtual world of Internet. We shall analyze how RENREN.com has impacted China under this context.

We will be using the notation of 4 seasons to¬†categorize¬†our analysis. Now the first season Spring has come! What do you do in Spring? Well, it’s time to restart and many things await you!