Level 1000 Chemistry Module Registration AY1718

Level 1000 Chemistry Module Registration AY1718

  1. THEORY MODULES: Chemistry students are required to take the following theory modules:
Semester 1 Semester 2
CM 1131 – Physical Chemistry CM 1121 – Organic Chemistry
CM 1111 – Inorganic Chemistry LSM1401(Biochemistry)
MA1421 or MA1102 (Math)  


Module Registration for AY1718

  • For all theory modules: students need to bid in CORS directly. In Semester 1: please bid CM1131, CM1111 and 1 math module (MA1421 or MA1102) and in semester 2: please bid CM1121 and LSM1401.
  • If you are unable to secure the module(s), please submit an appeal in CORS.
  • Polytechnic graduates will need to verify their transcripts at Admin Office, Department of Chemistry (Block S8- level 3) to request for waiver.
  1. LAB MODULE (CM1191 Experiments in Chemistry 1) will be pre-allocated to students who have declared chemistry as their major (do NOT bid in CORS).

– Students will be allocated to take CM1191 in either semester 1 or semester 2.

– The result of the allocation (semester and group) will be sent to you by email and the allocation name list is uploaded on the Chemistry Department website http://www.chemistry.nus.edu.sg/education/undergrads/CourseResources/notices.htm

Please check your email and/or chemistry department website regularly to receive the updated information. Note: There are several rounds of allocation, if you have not received your group in this round – please wait for the next round. All Chemistry students will be allocated a group.

– Upon received your group, if you wish to change your lab group, please fill in the appeal form (obtained under the above link) and submit to the Admin Office, Dept of Chemistry along with your study plan/timetable


CM1191 Schedule AY1718

Lecture: Semester 1 Monday 10-12 am weekly       Semester 2: Monday 8-10 am weekly

Lab Grouping

Semester Group Time
1 A1 Mon 12-18
1 A2 Wed 12-18
1 A3 Thu 12-18
2 B1 Mon 12-18
  B2 Tue 12-18
2 B3 Wed 12-18
2 B4 Thu 12-18

Lab location: S5-level 1 (General Teaching Lab)



For CM1111 and CM1131, please register for your tutorial group via CORS, in iteration 2 (starting 18 August, 9 am)


For question:

Module and tutorial registration: Dr Zhang Sheng (chmzs@nus.edu.sg)

Lab allocation: Dr. Hoang T. Giang (chmhoan@nus.edu.sg)


IMPORTANT! Notice on General Education Modules (GEM) for Semester 1 AY2017/2018

For students admitted from AY2015/16 onwards

Students reading modules from the Human Cultures (GEH), Thinking and Expression (GET) and Singapore Studies (GES) pillars can only select a 2nd module within the same pillar from Round 2B, subject to availability of vacancies.  This is to facilitate the completion of the General Education requirements for as many students as possible within the first two years of the candidature.

 For students admitted before AY2015/16

Students should select from the list of GEMs with available vacancies to secure and fulfill their University Level Requirements (ULR). To avoid disappointment, students are urged to select your modules carefully: balancing between preference for a module and the probability of successful enrollment.

Students reading Singapore Studies (SS) modules can only select a 2nd SS module from Round 2B onwards, subject to availability of vacancies.

Quota distribution for double-coded GEMs

In Round 2, the quota distribution for modules that are double-coded as GEM/GEK/SS and GEH/GES/GET will be 25% and 75% respectively.  Adjustments may be made in Round 3 to ensure that the module quota are optimally utilized for all students.