Students from the University of the Free State

What a great semester has this been for meeting students and faculty in Communication and Media from various parts of the globe. This is a great way in which Singapore continues to thrive as a crossroad for different cultures, values, and worldviews.

This last week, we had students from the University of the Free State who visited us. This was their 3rd visit to the department, the group comprising of 18 students, mainly 3rd  years, with three honors students, and the team was led by Rentia Engelbrecht.

They sat in for the following classes last week.

NM4207 Managing communication campaigns – Dr Ganga Sasidharan
NM3207 Philosophy in communications and New Media – Dr Ingrid Hoofd
NM3224 Culture Industries – Dr Terence Heng
NM4211 Online Journalism – Aaron Ng
NM2220 Introduction to Media writing – Fran Nathan
NM2203 Social Media in Communication – Dr Tracy Loh

I had a great time learning about culture, community and participation through my conversations with our visitors from the Free State.

Our classrooms were enriched by the depth and diversity of their contributions. Thanks to all CNM colleagues and students, to CNM society, and to Gaya for organizing the event.



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