CNM 2013 Random Blends: Showcasing Art and Creativity

This week the Random Blends exhibit wrapped up at the Arts Science  Museum. The event was a major success, with student exhibits wowing the viewers and engaging them in conversation and play. I am personally delighted to witness the creativity and artistic expression of our Media Design students. I am sure that those of you who attended the events will agree with me.


The event was opened by Janadas Devan, Chief of Government Communications for the Ministry of Communication and Information. The theme of this year’s Random Blends is “process,” depicting the creative processes through which theory finds expression in practice. What you will experience today are the creative expressions of the abstract concepts, critical questions, and analytical frames that are conceptualized by our students.

In addressing the role of process in communication, I noted: “Communication for us is not only about the meanings we co-create, but also the values we come to imagine together as a community of scholars and practitioners. Our excellence is embodied in our theoretical treatment of communication as a creative process that actively works toward making social impact and toward imagining a better world.”

The exhibits, showcasing the creative work of our media design students, depict the ways in which the creative process works toward the formation of socially relevant art.

Thanks to our media design teachers, Jing, Anne-Marie, Chris, Joshua, and colleagues. Thanks also to our amazing and brilliant students who created and curated the work. The quality of the work speaks greatly to your  creativity and learning here in CNM.

Here are the links to the extensive media coverage of Random Blends, thanks to the work of Satveer, Daniel, Mary, Chris and Josh:

Random Blends article on Poached online magazine is out!

Random Blends coverage in My Paper

Random Blends coverage in Suria News:

Thanks to Daniel, Satveer, and the Communication Management team for the superb promotion.

And most importantly, thank you to Gaya for her amazing work in supporting the Random Blends team. 

Have a creative week ahead!

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