Faculty Achievements: Iccha Basnyat and colleagues

Congratulations to Sun Sun Lim, Leanne Chang, and Iccha Basnyat for the following publications:

Lim, S.S., Basnyat, I., Vadrevu, S., & Chan, Y.H. (2013). Critical literacy, self-protection and delinquency: the challenges of participatory media for youths at-risk. Learning Media Technology .

Chang, L., Basnyat, I., Teo, D. (Accepted). Seeking and Processing Information for Health Decisions among Elderly Chinese Singaporean Women. Journal of Women & Aging.

Lee, S.T. & Basnyat, I. (2012). From Press Release to News: Mapping the Framing of the 2009 H1N1 A Influenza Pandemic. Health Communication.

Lim, S. S., Chan, Y. H., Vadrevu, S. & Basnyat, I. (2013). Online and offline networks: Investigating the relationship between peer interaction and juvenile delinquency. Computers in Human Behaviour, 29, 8-15.

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