Benchmarking of research excellence

In upcoming conversations about developing benchmarks for research excellence, we as a Department will be asked the question: “What does excellence in research mean for us?”

I believe this is an important question and one that needs to be asked consistently because defining excellence guides us toward evaluating the quality of the work we do.

In a practical sense, having developed a well atriculated set of criteria helps us as a Department in seeing how we are doing, as well as in evaluating individual productivity and performance.

In the weeks to come, sharing the Provost’ document with you, I would like to learn from you, What does excellence mean to you? And what are the criteria through which excellence in research in CNM can be measured?

Developing and identifying solid criteria will serve as the basis for communicating these criteria both internally as well as externally. So let me begin by posting for you the three questions that were articulated by the Provost as guiding questions:

  • How do we determine a holistic set of performance indicators for research excellence? 
  • How does one ensure the indicators are relevant and acceptable to the Departments or disciplines concerned?
  • How would these criteria help in the P&T processes?

I look forward to having one-on-one conversations with you in the hallways on these pertinent questions. Your inputs are vital as they will continue to shape how well we do, how we grow, and how we are evaluated as a Department!

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