Welcoming Activist-In-Residence Braema Mathi

Miss Braema Mathi (Mathiaparanam) is a consultant on corporate communications, organisational development strategies for the non-profit sector, and in advocacy and research. She is hoping to pick up on writing again! She has been an advocate for social justice and will continue to work with young adults, on advocating on specific issues that they are interested in.
This interest in social justice has led her to become involved in issues related to women, migrants and HIV. She has led AWARE, founded and led Transient Workers Count Too, was the Vice-President of Action for Aids, and also founded and led MARUAH (Singapore Working Group for ASEAN Human Rights Mechanism). She is also the Singapore focal Point for MARUAH in ASEAN and also on the Southeast Women’s Caucus. She was also the Regional President (Southeast Asia and Pacific) of the International Council of Social Welfare and AWARE‘s first Director of Research and Advocacy.
Ms Mathi has worked as: a teacher in an all boys’ school; a journalist for The Straits Times; a researcher with the Institute of South East Asian Studies (ISEAS); the head of the Communications department in a hospital; a Director of Programmes, and later Director of Advocacy, Research and Communications at ASEAN CSR Network. She is now a consultant on social issues, communication strategies and on organisational matters. She was also a Nominated Member of Parliament.
Her areas of expertise include advocacy strategies, communications toolkits, partnering the media, and advocating well on the changes needed to improve the workplace, the issues one is working on to effect change for better outcomes, using relevant tools in the spectrum of communications and advocacy tools.
She has published book chapters, articles and also written reports to and for organisations that include think-tanks in Southeast Asia and to the United Nations.

Talk- Culturally Centering Diet among Malays in Singapore: Building a Healthy Heart

NUS Communications and New Media’s CARE initiative is excited to organise the CARE Social Justice Series, showcasing projects that CARE has embarked on. This coming Monday, 3 April 2017, Prof Mohan J Dutta (Director of CARE and Head of NUS Department of Communications and New Media) and Ms Munirah Bashir (CARE Research Assistant) will speak on the topic Culturally Centering Diet among Malays in Singapore: Building a Healthy Heart.