About CARE

CARE is a global hub for communica­tion research that uses participatory and culture-centered methodologies to develop community-driven com­munication solutions. The center is currently funded by a $1.9 million grant from the National University of Singapore.


CARE believes that communities are their own best problem-solvers. CARE works closely with community organizations, policymakers, program planners and evaluators in developing culturally-cen­tered solutions that are envisioned by community members in the grassroots in response to the problems conceptual­ized by them.


CARE seeks to: (1) Create a strategic research core for the social scientific study of health communication issues in Asia driven by the cultural worldviews of local communities; (2) Develop health communication interventions and poli­cies that are culturally-centered via the participatory capacity of local commu­nities to create culturally meaningful and locally responsive health solutions; (3) Disseminate the core principles and lessons learned from the culture-centered projects within Asia and across other sectors of the globe; (4) Build health communication research capacity in Asia by creating a training hub for the next generation of health communica­tion theorists, researchers, practitioners, and policymakers across Asia.

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