[CNM-CARE Research Talk] Dr Raka Shome

WHEN COLONIAL STUDIES MEET MEDIA STUDIES Dr Raka Shome recently gave a talk on how postcolonial studies and media studies could complement each other and highlighted the importance of postcolonial media studies through the discussion of issues such as the North Atlantic temporal logics. Take a listen to her insightful talk through the recording below.

[CNM-CARE Research Talk] Prof Teresa Thompson

HOPE AND THE ACT OF INFORMED DIALOGUE: A DELICATE BALANCE AT END OF LIFE After delivering her three-day workshop on Health Communications, Prof Teresa Thompson gave a talk on embracing an individual’s or a loved one’s End of Life. Prof Teresa touched on the differing approaches to hope from the beginning of the process, the issues pertaining to the denial of death, the approaches of death and other decision-making practices that come along with the process of End of Life.

A Workshop with Professor Teresa Thompson

We were graced with the presence of Professor Teresa Thompson who shared with us her insights and experiences on various aspects of health communication. Spanning over 3 days, the workshop has given the participants a chance to interact with Professor Thompson and share their related experiences with her. If you have missed the workshop, here is your chance to catch up with what you have missed.

DAY 01 – Health Communication: Interdisciplinary, Multidisciplinary, Transdisciplinary Covering the history of the development of the field of Health Communication and the many perspectives that are brought to bear in the study of the interrelationships of communication, health, and health care delivery, this workshop will also emphasize relevant publication outlets and key trends in the field. Practical application and dissemination of research will be an important focus.

DAY 02 – Health Risk Communication: New Challenges for the World Health Organization The World Health Organization is undertaking the development of empirically-based risk guidelines for addressing health epidemics and natural disasters. This workshop will focus upon the directions this project is taking and how these guidelines will be used. DAY 02 – Health Communication Campaigns: Audiences, Messages, Effects Health campaign research has grown to be one of the biggest areas of areas of study in Health Communication. This workshop will emphasize theoretical bases for campaigns, the development and testing of messages, and implementation of change initiatives.

DAY 03’s session was not recorded as it was a sharing session between Prof Teresa and the participants.

[CNM-CARE Workshop] Dr Raka Shome

We have another workshop coming up from the 19th to 21st of October! Dr Raka Shome, who recently joined the CNM Department as a Visiting Senior Fellow, will be conducting the 3-day workshop to share her views on Postcolonial Studies. Please refer to the poster below for more information about the workshop. If you are interested to join us, please indicate your attendance by signing up for this workshop here! *Do take note that the readings for this workshop could be retrieved from the Library.
Here is a little bit about Dr Raka Shome:

Dr. Raka Shome writes on postcolonial cultures, transnational feminism, and media/communication cultures.  Her current research interests are in Asian Modernities, Transnational relations of India, Racism and Media in a global context, Transnational Media Cultures and Gender, and the Transnational politics of knowledge production as a communication issue. Dr. Shome has published numerous articles and book chapters in leading journals and anthologies in the field of Media and Communication Studies .  She is the author of Diana and Beyond: White Femininity, National Identity, and Contemporary Media Culture (University of Illinois Press, 2014)—a book that examines how new sets of postcolonial relations in contemporary western cultures are mediated through images of white femininity. Under her co-guest editorship, the first-ever special issue on “Postcolonialism” was published in the field of Communication Studies in the International Communication Association journal Communication Theory (August, 2002).  She recently also guest edited a special issue on “Asian Modernities” (2012) in the (Sage) journal Global Media and Communication, which included several articles focused on the question of what it means to be “modern” outside of liberal western frameworks.  She is finishing up another special issue as guest editor for Cultural Studies/Critical Methodologies  journal on ‘Gender, Nation, Colonialism: Twenty first century connections.