Women Farmers Campaign on Climate Change Adaptation

As part of the DDS-CARE women farmers climate change adaptation project, a communication campaign was launched by the advisory board members during April to June 2014. The advisory board consisted of members from DDS Sanghams (collective). The aim of the campaign was to increase cultivation of food crops, particularly millets, and decrease Bt cotton cultivation, especially by marginal farmers. Two villages were identified for the campaign implementation–Kusnoor, and Huligera– whereas a third village–Shamshudinpoor–served as a control. All the three villages are located in Medak district, Telangana, India. Focus group discussions were conducted in all three villages to identify how farmers perceive rainfall patterns, how they make crop choices, and what measures they said would help them better adapt to climate change. The four phases of the campaign included a rally to announce the campaign, street theatre, showing a documentary, and finally focus group discussions. The campaign also involved distribution of seeds to farmers who wanted to grow millets. We are currently evaluating the effects of the campaign. The photos were taken by Manjula, an advisory board member. [slideshow_deploy id=’2063′]

The Deconstruction of the Meeting between Tony Blair & Benjamin Netanyahu

A clip of the meeting between Tony Blair and Benjamin Netanyahu during the onset of the Israel-Palestine war was circulated online and using the fabrication of the 3 children being kidnapped as a pretext, Dr Mohan interrogates the narrative constructed in this video. He also invites us to see how the relationship between Israel and the Western world is being suggested.