Culturally-Centering Social Change: Notes from the CARE Lab

‚ÄúCommunication inequalities map out structural inequalities, and therefore, inverting these inequalities symbolically and materially lie at the heart of social change processes‚ÄĚ notes Professor Mohan Dutta, Founding Director of the Center for Culture-Centered Approach to Research and Evaluation (CARE). CARE was inaugurated with the goal of developing social projects grounded in the culture-centered approach (CCA) developed by Dutta since the late 1990s, with an emphasis on empirically testing the key tenets of the approach in carrying out grassroots-driven social change processes, fine-tuning research design in implementing community-academic partnerships, and in theoretically outlining the processes of communication and culture that are intertwined in the development of social change processes, policies, and programs.

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