Women Farmer’s Voices on Climate Change: A Culture-Centered Approach to Climate Change Adaptation – A Talk by Dr Jagadish Thaker

Although there is increasingly scholarly work to mainstream gender in climate change adaptation literature, many studies are not grounded in lived experiences of poor women in the global South. This paper applies culture-centered approach to climate change adaptation literature by foregrounding the voices of lower-caste women farmers’ from low-income households in a semi-arid region in south India. Based on interviews and focus groups, we find that women farmers argue government policies, such as promoting genetically modified crops, negatively affects the adaptation strategies they already practice, for example, planting a variety of climate resilient food crops to adapt to increasing uncertainty in rainfall patterns. Adaptation research and policy-making need to foreground the voices of marginalized communities such as women farmer’s to frame, implement, and assess its outcomes, in the absence of which, such policies would most likely perpetuate the gender-inequalities, and hinder equitable social change.