Communication Interventions for Promoting Health – A Workshop Series by Prof. Gary Kreps

Prof. Gary L. Kreps (Ph.D., University of Southern California),a University Distinguished Professor at George Mason University who also directs the Center for Health and Risk Communication, was here to conduct a week-long workshop on the development and implementation of culturally sensitive health communication interventions to promote public health, particularly for at-risk populations. Click on the banner below to access the videos to the workshop.

No Better Way to Start the New Year…

…than with CARE’s first reading group of 2014!

The group will meet every MONDAY from 10am-11:30am in the CARE office (Block AS4/0405). However, for this Monday (January 27) ONLY, we will be meeting from 8:30am-10am in the CARE office and all are welcomed to attend! We will be exploring the philosophy of communication inquiry for this term in reading group. The group will have readings on topics such as the intellectual history of communication inquiry, the foundational questions about human communication and the ways in which these questions can be addressed from different perspectives, and how communication research traditions go about making and warranting knowledge claims. If you are planning to attend on January 27 (or are interested in the group), please email Sarah Comer at to receive the reading materials and reading list. See you there!