CRG One: Why Aren’t You Listening?

CARE Reading Group: Sarah Leading the First Discussion[/caption] The CARE team dedicates Wednesday afternoons to reading, debating and discoursing the CCA approach. Fundamentally, the team seeks to further strengthen understandings of the framework as well as critique various interpretations and ideas applicable to the approach. The first series seeks to critically think about how CCA is relevant to health. Drawing from Dutta’s (2008) Communicating Health: A Cultured Centered Approach, the group parleys about health, culture and marginalized communities. CARE Reading Group One – Why Aren’t You Listening?  The first reading group saw a robust debate on the ownership of health.  Who gets to push health agenda? What gets constituted as appropriate forms of healing and what does not? Is biomedicine the only correct way of treatment? Who is medicine man and why?

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