The Production of Knowledge [Video]

There is an innate connection between power and knowledge production. We seek to understand particular issues and contribute knowledge on a subject but we are only given that space to produce knowledge by our inclusion in the dominant power structure. How do we stay accountable to the voices we are highlighting and in effect, the voices we may be marginalizing? Conducting research from a position in academia is not isolated from power politics and we must consider our position as researchers within the larger power framework. As Mohan explicates:

“If you were to look at the kind of projects that we as communication scientists/scholars work on, you realize very quickly that the positions from which we work are positions that are supported by the power elite and in that sense then, these positions are intrinsically tied to the political economy of knowledge itself. So the productions of knowledge is in and of itself built into a particular kind of politics that renders invisible the voices of the poor, the voices of the margins and at the same time draws its power from erasing the complicity of academic knowledge and its agendas.”

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