A Home for CARE

It’s still early days for CARE. Today was a significant day because our furniture was finally delivered and installed. Up to now, we’ve been bunking in with the Department of Communications and New Media (CNM). As gracious as CNM has been in putting up with us, we still needed a place to call our own. Here are some pictures of the work earlier today:

A room that’s been empty for far too long.

The work begins.

Chairs patiently waiting in line.

Drawers everywhere.

couple of workstations completely set up.[/caption] It’s amazing how a few desks and chairs can turn a blank slate of a room into an office. I chose an orange-based color scheme for our furniture to match the colors of our logo. Incidentally, the orange of our logo is the very same shade of orange that’s part of the corporate colors of the National University of Singapore, to reflect our close ties with the institution. But as I said earlier, it’s still early days yet. We’ve got our desks and chairs. Next on the list is setting up our equipment and wiring everything up. However, we are already one step closer to moving in.

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