Student Videographer: Fast Fashion, What’s Your Waste Size?

With the domination and affordability of the fast fashion industry, many Singaporeans are quick to exchange their old clothes for new fashion trends. What many may not realize however, is the increasing amount of textile waste produced as a result of our ‘buy and throw’ consumption behavior. How then can we tackle the problem of textile waste in Singapore?

Student Videographer: Why Are Parents Going For Tuition in Singapore?

According to The Straits Times, 7 in 10 parents send their children for tuition. However, Singapore is recently moving towards a trend where parents themselves are attending tuition to help their children in their studies. We spoke to the founder of Genius Young Minds, one of the first tuition centres in Singapore which started offering this programme, to find out more.

Student Videographer: What Do Singaporeans Think About Pre-Marital Sex?

Singapore is known to be a conservative Asian society which upholds values such as abstinence from sex only until after marriage. However, in a recent survey done by the Institute of Policy Studies, 1 in every 2 Singapore residents do not feel that pre-marital sex is bad. Are these figures reflective of how the Singaporean society actually views this topic? Taught and guided by Mr Kenneth Tan, students from the New Media Production and Public Engagement module take to the streets to find out!