NUS Pitch It 2018- A premier marketing competition for tertiary students in Singapore

(From left) Ho Hin Yang from FRANK by OCBC and four out of the five winners of Pitch It! 2018, namely Phay Bao Yu Melissa, Ng Jing Wen, Mallorie, Lee Yong Wei Ignatius and Wee Xuan Yi.


By Adele Tan Ren-Ai

Pitch It! 2018 is a Tertiary-wide Integrated Marketing Campaign Competition organised by the NUS CNM Society. This year marks the fifth edition of Pitch It! and it was organised in partnership with FRANK by OCBC and GOVT. With a total of 172 participants, making up 36 groups, each team had to put together an integrated marketing campaign to address a challenge posed by FRANK by OCBC. The challenge was:

How might we improve the OCBC Pay Anyone app to make it more inclusive and easily adopted?

Participants at the Opening Briefing for Pitch It! 2018 at the Shaw Foundation Alumni House in NUS on 3rd September 2018.

There were a total of 172 participants present from various tertiary schools in Singapore.










During the Opening Brief, Prof Audrey, the Head of CNM was invited to give a welcome speech. All teams received three masterclass held by FRANK by OCBC, GOVT and Ms Satveer Kaur who is an Instructor with the NUS Chua Thian Poh Community Leadership Centre, as well as at the Department of CNM. After the first round whereby teams had to submit their pitches along with any other deliverables, FRANK by OCBC narrowed down to the top five teams who could proceed on to the final round; of which two teams were from NUS CNM. These five teams were then mentored by FRANK by OCBC and GOVT to refine their pitches and further develop them. The final session was held at OCBC Campus on 8th October 2018, with a panel consisting of panellists from FRANK by OCBC, GOVT and the CNM Department. A team consisting of 4 students from NTU Wee Kim Wee School of Communication and Information and 1 student from Singapore Institute of Technology emerged as the champion for Pitch It! 2018.


The Winning Pitch (excerpt submitted by winning team)

Currently, every bank has been promoting their apps in a very product-oriented fashion, bringing attention to the features of the app and general benefits in a direct manner – such as how using the app is very convenient and simple to use. This has been the conventional way that banks have been using to promoting cashless payment apps. However, we believe that our target audience- Millennials, are not receptive or fond of hard-selling and blatant messaging.

Our creative expression: “Don’t be that guy, just use Pay Anyone!” aims to have the audience perceive OCBC Pay Anyone as less burdensome than cash by helping the audience realise the benefits of Pay Anyone through self-reflection. When we say “don’t be that guy” – we all know that one guy who’s always late, that guy who always losing his things, or that guy who always blinks in photos. Nobody wants to be that guy – because being that guy means sticking out for the wrong reasons. He draws negative attention to himself, inconveniences others, and may even upset or frustrate others. With the help of our key insight that image consciousness is synonymous with millennials, we believe our creative expression will get them to reflect on their own experiences with cash and realise how burdensome it may be compared to using Pay Anyone on their own.

One example of how we are tying this idea to our tactics would be our recommendation to include a bill-splitting feature that helps to track payments and send automatic reminders in Pay Anyone. By including a feature that facilitates the bill-splitting process from beginning to the end, users no longer have to deal with “that guy” who does not remember to pay his share of the bill.

Implemented in NTU where almost all stores in NTU already accepts QR scanning as a mode of payment- we are confident our tactics will encourage our audience to adopt the app and integrate it into their daily living.


The Organisers


Several members of the 14th NUS CNM Society who had contributed to the success of Pitch It! 2018. Spearheaded by Adele Tan Ren-Ai, Project Director of Pitch It! 2018 and Quinntasha Ong, President of the 14th NUS CNM Society (5th and 6th from the left, respectively).
Behind the success of Pitch It! 2018, is the CNM Society. Spearheaded by Adele Tan, the Project Director of Pitch It! 2018, and Quinn Ong the President of the CNM Society, Pitch It! was the biggest external project for the society. With help from CNM’s Industry Advisory Council, the society was able to quickly secure a partnership with FRANK by OCBC and GOVT through CNM alumni networks. The CNM Society also actively promoted and publicized to students both on social media, and on the ground at various tertiary school visits. They also leveraged on FASStival, Student Life Fair, and various other student groups such as the NUS Engineering Society, Psychology Society and Political Science department to get a wider reach into the NUS community. These helped immensely in attaining one of the highest turnouts in the history of Pitch It! competitions.


(Extreme left) Dr Jiang Shaohai the NUS CNM Society Advisor, (2nd from right) Ho Hin Yang from FRANK by OCBC, (Extreme right) Jegan Das Haridas from GOVT, and (Middle) the five finalist groups who had entered into the final round of Pitch It! 2018.

Dr Jiang, FRANK by OCBC, and GOVT were given gifts of appreciation by the NUS CNM Society.











Dr Jiang Shaohai, the CNM Society Advisor expressed how proud he was of the CNM Society; saying that he was extremely impressed with how Pitch It! 2018 had turned out, where Adele, Quinn and their Society had made great efforts in making it a very successful event.
As the Project Director of Pitch It! 2018, I would like to thank Prof Audrey, Dr Jiang, the CNM Department, FRANK by OCBC, GOVT, as well as my CNM Society for their support and help rendered throughout this year and a half long project. Each of you have played an important part in making Pitch It! 2018 a huge success!


More about Pitch It! 2018

Past clients that Pitch It! has formed a partnership with include VISA, Singapore Press Holdings and MediaCorp. This year, students from National University of Singapore, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore Management University, Singapore University of Social Sciences, Singapore Institute of Technology, Temasek Polytechnic, Singapore Polytechnic, Republic Polytechnic, and Nanyang Polytechnic participated in the competition.

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Student Showcase: Take 3, Fight HPV- Prevent Cervical Cancer

Join CNM students at University Town, who are currently doing an Independent Study Module to outreach to female students about HPV vaccinations.

Where to find them?

Date: 15 – 16 March 2018
Venue: University Town Plaza

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Student Showcase- Raising Awareness On Dating Violence

Did you know that about 1/5 of spousal violence victims reported having a history of dating violence prior to marriage?

To raise awareness about this problem, we will be holding an interactive Story Trail, in collaboration with PAVE (Centre for Promoting Alternatives to Violence), where you are invited to solve the mystery behind the disappearance of a victim of dating violence – a fictional character named Cheryl. Visit us to take a glimpse of Cheryl’s life, investigate what led to her disappearance and discover her current whereabouts. At our booth, you can also pick up tips on how to intervene in dating violence, and write a message to those victims of violence.

Where to find us?

Date: 26 – 27 March 2018
Venue: Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences, Block AS8 walkway

Student Videographer: Fast Fashion, What’s Your Waste Size?

With the domination and affordability of the fast fashion industry, many Singaporeans are quick to exchange their old clothes for new fashion trends. What many may not realize however, is the increasing amount of textile waste produced as a result of our ‘buy and throw’ consumption behavior. How then can we tackle the problem of textile waste in Singapore?

Team from NUS Communications and New Media Emerges as Champions for Pitch It 2017

The winners of Pitch It 2017 with the panel of judges from CNM, Visa Inc and BBDO Singapore.

By Deanne Galica

A team consisting of NUS Communications and New Media (CNM) students have emerged as the champion for Pitch It! 2017 after the grand finals held on November 10. Pitch It! 2017 is a tertiary-wide marketing competition organised by the CNM Society. This year, Pitch It! was organised in collaboration with Visa Inc and BBDO. The participating teams put together an integrated marketing campaign to address a challenge posed by Visa Inc.

After an elimination round, Visa Inc chose the top five teams who were then mentored by BBDO to refine their pitches. The challenge posed by VISA was – What can VISA do to shift brand perception from a credit card company to an innovative digital payment company amongst the Millennials?

In their campaign, the teams had to feature a wearable that showcases Visa Inc’s innovative digital payment capabilities.

The Winning Pitch

The winning pitch was a campaign titled #IAMVISA which aims to show how Visa can be a part of every millennial’s lifestyle. Their campaign was inspired by Calvin Klein’s 2016 Fall #mycalvins campaign. #IAMVISA features a playful take on VISA with each letter taking on a personality type –

V for Versatile
I for Intellectual
S for Simplistic
A for Adventurous

Phase One is a social media campaign featuring the different personality types to introduce #IAMVISA and act as a pretext for the next phase of the campaign.

Phase Two is a festival inspired by Art Box where attendees can pay using a temporary tattoo embedded with a VISA chip that flaunts VISA Inc’s digital payment innovation. The festival will be held across two weekends with each day featuring one personality type. Each personality type will be tied to a charity organisations and 10% of proceeds from the festival will be donated to these organisations.

Phase Three incorporates the different personality type into VISA cards with each card featuring a personality type.

The panel of judges consisting of personnel from CNM, VISA Inc and BBDO, unanimously chose the winning pitch. The judges were impressed with the cohesiveness of the winning team’s multi-pronged approach, backed by insightful research.

The Champions

The winning team consists of Cory Cheang Yi Jun, Pang Hui Ping, Taylor Chia Shi-Yen, Isabelle Anastasia Tan Yinn Lyn and Alvarez Brielle Clavel. All of whom are in their second year.

“The greatest difficulty we faced was juggling between school work and the competition,” said Cheang.

The winners walked away with an iPad Mini 4 each.

The Organisers

Behind the success of Pitch It! 2017 is the CNM Society. Led by Jasmine Chong and Deanne Galicia, Pitch It! was the biggest project for the society. The organisers faced setbacks initially with difficulty in securing partnerships with organisations. The partnership with Visa Inc was eventually secured with the help of an alumni.

“The competition was a year in the making. It was a huge undertaking! We reached out to many organisations and faced a lot of rejection. The real work hit us when we finally secured a partner client. From doing school visits to other tertiary institutions to managing communications with all parties involved. We spent countless hours planning everything to the last detail. In the end, it was all worth it because we truly believe Pitch It! is an incredible learning experience. Even [the planning committee] learnt a lot!” said Chong.

Pitch It! 2018 is under way and the planning has already begun. For the next edition, the CNM Society is looking to tap into the Institute of Public Relations Singapore and CNM’s Industry Advisory Council to find a partner client.

More about Pitch It! 2017

Pitch It! 2017 is the third edition of the competition. Past clients include Singapore Press Holdings and Mediacorp. This year, students from National University of Singapore, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore Management University, Singapore University of Social Sciences, Temasek Polytechnic, Singapore Polytechnic, Nanyang Polytechnic and General Assembly participated in the competition. There were 23 teams and a total of 107 participants.

Catch more of Pitch It! 2017 at the official gallery.

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Student Showcase: Using Data To Present Data-Driven Narratives and Stories

You know better. Data analysis isn’t just a nice graph on a PowerPoint slide

In designing apps and solutions, as well as understanding the information needs of users, data analysis remains an important but neglected process. Often, data is either spread across websites, locked in databases, or arrayed in enormous text files that are too large to obtain and process manually.

Students from the NM3239 RETRIEVE, EXTRACT AND ANALYSE DATA module demonstrate the true value of data analysis by presenting projects that apply statistical software and the data science process to express hidden insights, compelling stories and meaningful visualisations.

Date: 17 Nov 2017
Time: 12:00 NOON – 2:00 PM
Venue: Faculty of Arts and Social Science, Block AS7, #01-19

Online Registration Opening Soon:


Student Showcase: Sungei Road Thieves Market- Deleted

On 10 July 2017, authorities moved to shut down the venerable Sungei Road Thieves Market. The sprawling area had been slated for future development…

Now, join students from the NM3226 LOCATION-SPECIFIC INTERACTIVE EXPERIENCES module as they present projects they have been working on in the last semester to capture the traumatic closure of the Sungei Road Thieves Market.

Date: 15 Nov 2017
Time: Projects Presentation: 6:00 PM | Posters Exhibition: 7:30 PM
Venue: Faculty of Arts and Social Science, Block AS1, #03-04

Online Registration:

Student Showcase: CNM Students Work With NUS Office of Student Affairs To Spread Care And Encouragement

With the semester peaking and exams coming ever closer, it’s normal to see students rushing from one class to another, intent looks on faces. Which is why the Office of Student AffairsStudent Support Services partnered students from the Communications and New Media department to develop a campaign heartwarmingly called Sail The Heartships Together. The campaign’s aim was to motivate students to stop, rest and encourage a special buddy during the hectic season. Set up along the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences’ Block AS1 walkway on 30 October 2017, the booth attracted more than 500 participants. Expressive words of thought and encouragement were penned down and exchanged between buddies who stopped by the booth together. Many had a refreshing chance to indulge in decant sweet ice cream before they made their way to the next class. It was, all in all, an unusual but fantastic intervention into the busy lives of NUS students.

WHO ARE THEY? The students who formulated and rolled out Sail the Heartships Together are part of the CNM module NM4219- New Media In Health Communication, which focuses on how new media can be used to build grassroots engagement, promote policy advocacy, and build environments that support healthy behavior change. Like most modules in Communications and New Media, students are encouraged to bridge theory and practice by working directly with stakeholders and communities.

View more images from the campaign here.